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Knife Show Volume 3

Knife Show Volume 3 from Mike Benson on Vimeo.


Sonora Step via VHS

Sonora step up day 1 from Video Hyper Shred on Vimeo.

2010-2011 Highlights

Winter 2010/2011 from Scott Hoffman on Vimeo.

Go Skate Tacoma


A few words from the man behind the first annual Rhythm N Bruise Event.

Rhythm n Bruise 2011 sponsors, potential sponsors, riders, advocates and fans!!

RnB 2011 was one hell of a first year event. I would never have imagined that it would be the success that it was. Everything seemed to come together perfectly to birth a new signature event. Basically, people were freaking out- about the course, the vibe, and the overall feel of what was going on.

Day 1 started with the final touches on the course; banner lines in place, lips painted, netting up, tents pitched. The RnB course crew had the course prepped impeccably only to be slaughtered by entrants who elected to show up for practice day. The snow around the resort was pretty damn fun; not powder but untracked, soft spring freshies were there to be had. The weather was perfect. Soft snow, a good group of riders and the building of energy for this event made for a super fun day of riding for everyone involved. Day 1 had a completely open practice format for entrants. Once open, some riders labored to dial in the course while a few guys (especially the course crew) initiated domination right out of the gate. As the afternoon hours rolled in we shut the course down, cleaned it up like Cinderella on crack, and readied for day two. With temperatures even warmer for day two, people were up and at ’em early. Most entrants, many of whom had never been to WhitePass, were cruising around rallying the fun spring conditions and warming up their legs for what would be the peer-judged day of the two day event. There were organized heats for day 2 but still a jam format within the heats. I was at the top of the course for the start of the ProMen and ProWomen heat. When the proverbial whistle blew, Kent Callister dropped in for the first run. He put together a run that basically set the tone for the heat. People laughed at the brilliance of Kent’s run. I was pleasantly surprised to see other riders like Austin, Ben and Brice put together some crazy and competitive runs as well. I couldn’t believe how these guys were killing this course. It exceeded all expectations for level of riding. At the last minute our committee decided to throw together a ski division because a few of the course builders were skiers that deserved to showcase what it was that they could do with the course. Not to disappoint, they all destroyed the course and basically tied. It was fun to watch a different style of riding this unique course. After the ski heat, the peer-judged ballots were tallied, awards were given and RnB 2011 came to a close. Some watched sadly as the course that took so much effort to build was bulldozed. Until next spring……

One RnB entrant was quoted saying, “Holy Shit! This course is crazy! I’m so stoked you guys built this thing!” That was the general consensus. The course was unlike anything anyone had ever seen.

Ryan Davis of Mervin MFG wrote; “The crew and locals at White Pass really came through with a creative event. Like a BMX freestyle course for snow shredders. Peer judged, sun shining, a killer base of snow and an impressive showing with 100+ entries. Salty dogs, new schoolers and groms came from far and wide to see what was up with this event / brainstorm created by White Pass’ Zak Basher and the Cummins brothers.
Lib Tech and Gnu were demoing boards, Brice from Spacecraft was lighting it up, Matt Roder from Tech 9 was shredding, Johan and Milo Malkoski from C3 were on it and the whole Cummins family were there to support. Let’s not forget the kid Kent Callister from Bend OR who came out for this event at 15 years young and straight up milked the course. Good on ya Kent! Big thanks and props to: White Pass, Zak Basher, The Cummins Family, Gabe from New Yak City, all the sponsors and all the shredders that came to enjoy White Pass.”

I’ve put together a little collection of things to help those of you who weren’t there to get an idea of what took place.

Here’s a couple little video clips of some riding and the course. It’s hard to put into words but the course was tight (tranny to tranny) and for people to be doing inverted stuff and just riding the stuff so clean was pretty incredible to watch.

Rhythm’n Bruise from Lib Tech on Vimeo.

Words and video via the TackledBox Blog here:  white-pass-closing-weekend-rhythm.html
Mystery Mute.  Photo:  Adam Ramseth

1st Kent Callister
2nd Austin Hironaka
3rd Ben Hammer
4th Brice Niebuhr
5th Hunter Burks

1st Carrie Uren
2nd Mia Abbett
3rd Hannah Hammer

AM 1 (18-29)
1st Cory Elliff
2nd Mikey Swearingen
3rd Jesse Gouveia
4th Justin Packard
5th Kraemer Rickman

AM 2 (13-17)
1st Jacob Krugmire
2nd Connelly Brooks
3rd Vaughan Gilmore
4th Noah Staley

1st Johan Malkoski
2nd Mike Cummins
3rd Dave Wray
4th Bryan Rushforth

EXPERT (30-39)
1st Kris Melton
2nd Travis Thompson
3rd Matt Roder
4th Tate Vasey

GROM (12 and under)
1st Milo Malkoski
2nd Seth Berry

1st Jesse Thrasher
2nd Casey Cannon
3rd Zach Mahre
4th Tyler Forman

Overall it was just a crazy event that people will be talking about for a while. I know that WhitePass locals were absolutely tripping and so grateful that this groundbreaking thing could fruit
in their stomping grounds. The response to this event by sponsors, riders and spectators was unanimously outrageous.

With more hard work, some luck and your enthusiasm, I expect Rhythm N Bruise 2012 to be nothing short of incredible. Come and be a part of it.

I’d love to thank everyone who was key in making the inaugural Rhythm n Bruise fire off in grand style- I’ll surely forget a few but for those of you who played a role in this creation…Jesse Thrasher, Casey Cannon, Matt Means, Bryce Erickson, Kendell Willis,
Tyler Forman, Russ Forman, WhitePass, WA, Kath Goyette, Kevin McCarthy, Matt-Mike-Temple-Joe-Cheryl-Cannon Cummins, Pete Saari, Ryan Davis, Adam Ramseth, Johan Malkoski, Jesse Grandkoski, Joey B, Brice Niebuhr, Billy Anderson, Jak Green,
Travis Trick, Sophia Housam, Mike Corvin, Matt Roder, Gabe Figgs, George Crosland, Terry Krtchlow, Ashley Wildhaber and of course ALL of the sponsors…

LibTech•Gnu•Northwest Snowboards•OneBallJay•Capita
Nike 6.0•AFD Icegear•Bataleon•Arbor•Smith
MUSIC 6000•Volcom•Nomis•Technine

We’re already working on RnB 2012. Expectations are sure to be outdone. Stay tuned as the summer months wear on. We want you involved as winter spins again and excitement mounts for year two. www.rhythm-n-bruise.comwww.rhythm-n-bruise.com

If you want to talk about what it was, what it will be or how you can be part of it for 2012, drop me a line. zakbasher@rhythm-n-bruise.com or zakbasher@skiwhitepass.com or zakbasher@gmail.com

See you after summer. Please forward to anyone who seems appropriate- more is more

Zak Basher
Rhythm N Bruise coordinator

Blast From The Past

Signal snowboards and Paul Schmitt team up with Freestyle Godfather, Terry
Kidwell to resurrect some signature snowboards.

Big Mountain Riding