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Here is what’s happening at Northwest Snowboards

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Japan Banked Slalom 2010. Temple Wins in icy conditions with fog machine on full.

Temple Cummins, Photographer Mike Stamm and Matt Cummins headed to Japan for 11 days to check out the 2nd Annual legendary Banked Slalom. We got there and checked out the course on a sunny day with spring conditions. The track was no really banked, still being worked on and had some crazy off camber pitches into corners with some sketchy trees. Challenging in soft snow for sure. In the morning of the race we woke up to frozen conditions and dense fog. It went from fun to survival just to get to the course much less try to pin it. Temple as usual hammered out two of the fastest runs and won the thing, and a couple cool prizes as well. Legendary racer Peter Bauer was there and agreed with Matt that it was the hairest course of any kind he has ever seen. Matt got lost on the course in the deep fog and was never seen again. Next year we are hoping we can help out with a location. Any time in Japan is fun.