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Japanic.  After one big flight across the pacific we arrived in Tokyo.  6 hours in the car to our hostel.  Feeling beat.  Lacking good heat and plumbing, we carry a bucket to the toilet to wash product down.  The hostel is owned by “Indo’s” grandma, at 89 she is quite spry and very affected by gardening, as she is totally hunched backed.  The bonsai trimmed trees and gardens everywhere in this region are very well maintained.  Oh yeah, the snow is late spring like conditions.  The first day we rode was at Bluewood lake resort, Snoqualmie-like, especially considering the rain.  Our Japanese friends built a 7 foot high half-bowl out of snow.  Very unique.  Good ripping all around.  The Japanese definitely have awesome style, very cruzie.  Zak Basher took home double highlights.  The first was a very hairball top rope bomb-drop out of a possible 16 foot scaffolding.  1 inch round steel pipe for balance.  Gnarl.  Back to Zak in a minute.  The “Doctor” M.C. was called on twice.  The first being a wounded Japanese.  Final diagnosis:  broken collarbone.  Next, rain, lots of it.  Zak attack.  Shoulder dislocate.  Kinda burly.  M.C. put one foot on neck other on ribs/torso and pulled arm till the shoulder let the arm back in.  Time to hit onsen.  The drive to it was on shear cliffs.  Converging rivers.  Then the mysto spring.  Food was next, full spread.  Grub.  Back to hostel, no heat, no water.  Nyquil.  Goodnight.


Buttering up the bowl after rains

Doctor Cummins


Drummers at bowl session

Fishing vending machine

Forest bowl transfer


Drive to Nagano zone of many resorts to ride

Hostel kitchen with Forest

Japan airport loading up

Matt and Taka rain bowl session

Temple noodles

Zak bowl transfer

Zak in room

Zak leap into bowl

Zak mute into bowl

Holy Oly ’09

Matt Cummins 

Matt Guess

Forest Burki

Peter Line

Kurt Jenson

OneBallJay representing

Ryan Stephens

Happy Spectators

The Holy Oly at Snoqualmie Pass is usually held at Summit East, aka Hyak or Pac West.  Along with Mt Baker, Hyak also had a very early snowboard scene.  Early this season a rainstorm of historic proportions hit western Washington causing widespread flooding throughout the area. This weather system was also responsible for causing a massive mud and snow slide at Hyak which took out the main chair.  For this reason the Holy Oly had to find a new home this year so headed three miles down the road to Summit West.  

The Holy Oly is an open jam style contest.  Riders were hitting a number of features, the main one being a twenty-ish foot quarter pipe.  The Lib Tech tree car (that you may know from such films as “That’s It, That’s All”) was there and being well used.  With a little fog in the morning people were a little slow making it up to the hill.  It was a nice day to do some laps on the chair, watch the action, grab a banana on one run then a hot dog on the next, hit the QP, slide the Lib car or just watch some of Washington’s finest snowboarders and snowskaters have a rip together at the Holy Oly.

The Holy Oly a Snoqualmie pass is usually at Summit East, aka Hyak or Pac west.  Along with Mt Baker, they too had a very early snowboard scene.  This January a rain storm of historic proportions hit western washington